Renovations breathe new life into your home, but it’s not always the most environmentally friendly process. To approach the process with an eco-conscious mindset, repurpose your junk. Instead of throwing it all away, you can decrease your home’s waste with these steps.

How to Reduce Home Waste

1. Sell

Some of your junk items and materials might still be usable. Set aside kitchen appliances, shower and lighting fixtures, decor, and other sellable furnishings that are still in good condition. Then list these secondhand items on neighborhood-focused platforms like Craigslist or Letgo to earn some extra cash.

2. Upcycle

junkWith a bit of imagination, many items in your home, like cabinetry, construction materials, and bathroom fixtures, can be given second lives. Salvaged cabinets can become laundry room storage or bathroom vanities, while old hardwood flooring can be repurposed as garden planters or a coastal-inspired headboard.

3. Recycle

Studies show that Americans only recycle 30% of recyclable waste since the majority of people don’t know which items can be disposed of and repurposed for future use. Read up on your area’s rules and requirements to learn more about which materials and building products are accepted at local recycling centers. You can also advertise reusable items and materials for fellow neighbors in your local Freecycle group.

4. Donate

Local nonprofit organizations and charity stores are also happy to take used belongings off your hands. Items like furniture, kitchenware, and building materials are often either reused for affordable housing or resold to support their charitable efforts. This also prevents hard-to-dispose-of items from ending up in landfills.


To address the rest of your renovation waste, arrange a pickup with Pacific Junk Removal. The Honolulu-based company will dispose and remove almost any item from your home, from furniture and appliances to renovation and yard waste. They also donate recycled and reusable items to local charities. Learn more about their pricing structure by calling (808) 833-7171 or visiting their website.