Studying isn’t most students’ favorite activity, but it’s an essential part of performing well in key areas such as math, science, and languages. At Study Wizards Tutoring, we know preparing for tests sometimes requires a bit of extra motivation, and with the right approach, it can even be fun! Based in San Jose, CA, our private tutors understand just what to do for students to become driven to study so they can reap its benefits.

One of the most important factors in driving motivation is to set clear, measurable goals. Students are more inclined to stay committed to schoolwork when they know what they’re aiming for, so make a point to sit down with your student and set defined expectations. For instance, don’t just broadly encourage them to study more — instead, set up a specific study plan with blocks of time dedicated to preparing for tests for each subject.

Another way to help your child become more motivated is to support their preferred learning style. Some students learn well by listening, while others need to do or to see. Implement study tactics to support the approach your student excels in. For instance, visual learners might benefit from using flashcards or getting a dry erase board, auditory learners might prefer a verbal mock quiz, while active learners might want to try writing out their own unique study guides.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, use both praise and encouragement to motivate your child. While praise is typically given when students achieve the goals you’ve set for them, encouragement can be given independent of performance. In other words, even if a child’s grade hasn’t gone up yet, it’s still important to offer encouragement when you notice their dedication to preparing for tests and homework are improving.

Of course, providing your student with as many resources as possible to exceed is another way to motivate them and show you’re committed to supporting their academic success. In-home tutoring can be one of those resources, helping students succeed at math, science, and reading and writing. To learn more about our private tutors and study skills programs at Study Wizards Tutoring, give us a call at (408) 883-8660 or visit us online