The humble triangle is one of the simplest shapes possible. However, this basic polygon is also a fundamental part of several branches of mathematics, as well as many of the technologies you rely on every day. Having a math tutor explain the importance of triangles can help students grasp more difficult mathematical concepts and explain how those ideas describe the world around them.

The Building Blocks of Math

No matter their shape, every triangle has certain predictable features that can be used to solve other math problems. For instance, the sum of the angles is always 180 degrees, and the Pythagorean theorem is a foundation upon which much of Geometry is built. The simplicity of the triangle also makes it useful for solving difficult problems, such as calculating the surface area of a complex object. One of the most effective approaches is to divide the surface into a mesh of triangles, the surface areas of which can be easily calculated. In fact, Trigonometry itself is essentially dedicated to studying triangles and learning techniques to measure their sides and angles.

Triangles in Daily Life

The simplest polygon is also the sturdiest, which makes it essential for almost any type of architecture. Math tutors often point out that both the Great Pyramid of Giza and the modern high-rise rely on the triangle to hold their shape and equally deliver pressure to the ground. Triangles also make up our virtual worlds, including almost every CGI character and landscape in modern movies. CGI triangles give artists the ability to create subtle details and recreate facial expressions down to the smallest detail.


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