School equips students with the academic tools they’ll need to compete in the workplace, but it also provides an opportunity to develop empathy, emotional management, and other crucial social skills. Educators are beginning to understand how vital these qualities are for long-term happiness and success, so many places have included emotional and social learning in their normal curriculum. Knowing the importance of social and emotional learning programs will help parents ensure their children get the support they need.

What Is SEL?

Social and emotional learning (SEL) programs are designed to promote self-awareness and relationship skills in young children. In some programs, these lessons are explicitly included in classroom discussions, with teachers offering tips on how to manage your own feelings and interact with others. Many newer programs encourage teachers to create classroom environments that encourage students to interact in a healthy manner with their peers.

What Are the Benefits of SEL Programs?

Being able to relate and communicate with others has a dramatic impact on almost every aspect of a person’s life, from the classroom to the workplace and everywhere in between. Students with more self-awareness and social understanding are not only more skilled at managing relationships, but they’re also better at making responsible decisions and setting goals—key components of academic success.

How Can Parents Help?

While the classroom offers an environment to learn and develop social skills, the most successful students practice these techniques in a variety of other settings. Parents can provide support by recognizing when their children are correctly applying SEL skills in social settings.

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