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Study Wizards Tutoring provides home tutoring services to students throughout San Jose and Mountain View. Whether your child is in elementary school, middle school, or high school, or you require a private tutor yourself as an adult learner, Study Wizards will ensure that success is found.

The dedicated tutors at Study Wizards believe that everyone can succeed with the right support. The tutoring center has a strong record of satisfied families who continue to use Study Wizards’ service due to the academic success found. Every tutor has a college degree, a master of their particular subject matter, and the ability to condense difficult concepts into lessons that are simple to understand. All tutors are also given a background check and required to use strong reference in order to ensure that your child receives friendly, reliable in-home tutoring.

Every child has different learning needs, which is why Study Wizards matches each student with a specific tutor. This is done by reviewing the needs of your child, as well as her academic strengths and learning style. Your child and the selected tutor will develop a strong relationship that will lead to continued success in school. Whether your child needs a math tutor, reading tutor, writing tutor, or test prep tutor, Study Wizards Tutoring will provide a thorough understanding of all concepts. Visit the tutoring center online or call (408) 883-8660 for a free consultation.