With the summer over, it’s time to think about storing your outdoor items, such as furniture, until warm weather returns. Harsh temperatures and ice and snow can ruin materials such as plastic and wood, so the best way to preserve your outdoor furniture is by placing it in a secure, dry storage unit. Follow the steps below to ensure your furniture makes it through the winter ready for spring.

How to Store Patio Furniture

1. Wooden 

Cold air can cause wood to contract, warp, and crack over time, and snow and ice can permanently damage stains and lead to rot and mold growth. You can protect wooden outdoor furniture by washing it with a mixture of water, bleach, and mild soap, followed by rinsing it and allowing it to air-dry. If the wood is painted and in need of a new coat, apply one before placing the items in a storage unit, and apply water repellent spray and paste wax to wood with a natural finish.

2. Wicker 

storage units

Wicker is one of the most likely materials to collect abrasive dirt and grime over the summer since they have weaved patterns. To preserve it, first brush or vacuum each article of furniture thoroughly. Next, wipe it down with a soft rag and a mixture of mild detergent and water or spray it clean.

Allow it to dry and apply a fresh coat of spray paint. Apply water repellent to the feet or other areas where the grain of the wooden frame may be exposed and keep it on blocks in your storage unit to protect it from moisture.

3. Plastic 

Although plastic won’t absorb moisture like natural materials, cold temperatures will cause it to contract and crack or warp. To prepare it for storage, wash it with dish soap diluted with water and rinse it with a garden hose. Once it’s completely dry, stack the outdoor chairs carefully in your storage unit to avoid breakages.

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