Halal food is increasing in popularity all over the world, and not just among Islamic people. While it’s mainly known as a staple of the Muslim diet, people from many other walks of life are starting to recognize its value as safe, ethical, and hygienic food.

There is a lot to appreciate about halal food, in addition to its religious merit. Shahrazad Mediterranean Restaurant is particularly proud to serve authentic Middle Eastern food at their St. Louis restaurant. With a wide variety of dishes containing beef, chicken, and lamb, they take halal food very seriously.

These are the basics of halal food:

  • No Carrion: Meat that has died of illness or any cause other than slaughter is not permitted in halal food. Furthermore, the slaughter itself must conform to certain standards.
  • halal foodNo Blood: Meat must be completely drained of blood, and must not contain blood from any other source.
  • No Swine: All products derived from pigs are expressly forbidden in halal food.
  • No Alcohol: Halal food must be completely untouched by alcohol.

All of the above fundamentals are important not only for the meat itself, but for every single additive, thickener, marinate, preservative, oil, and other ingredient involved in processing; Halal food must be completely uncontaminated by non-halal ingredients.

While it is possible for individuals to certify food as halal, restaurant ingredients are typically certified by certain Islamic agencies, with every country trusting a different set of organizations. Currently, there are about 40 organizations in the United States that are approved by the Muslim community to certify halal food.

Hungry for authentic Middle Eastern food, and craving the best dining experience in all of St. Louis? You’ll find responsibly sourced halal food at Shahrazad Mediterranean Restaurant. For any questions about the popular Mediterranean restaurant, call (636) 527-4000. Their menu is available online.