When heading to a wellness checkup at a health services facility, there are a few ways to prepare. It’s critical to be on time to take full advantage of a checkup, so make sure you have reliable transportation to and from the hospital. Here are some other tips to help you prepare for the appointment.

How to Prepare for a Wellness Checkup

1. Know Your Medical History

During the wellness check, the doctor will ask about your medical history. This will include any surgeries or procedures you’ve had, as well as conditions you’ve been diagnosed with.

The health services team will also ask about family history, such as loved ones with cancer or high blood pressure. Bring a list of all of these facts if it helps you remember the details.

2. Write Down Questions

health services New York City NYMake a list of any questions to ask the doctor. This could be about side effects of medications you’re taking, dosage instructions, or new symptoms. You could also ask about any warning signs to look for regarding complications. 

3. Monitor Food, Beverage & Medicine Intake

Foods and medications you’ve taken in the last few days may affect your health data. For instance, drinking coffee could raise your blood pressure and cause incorrect readings. Write down all food and medicine you’ve consumed recently and provide the list to your doctor at the beginning of the appointment.

Many people drink more water before their appointments so they can comfortably provide urine samples if necessary.


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