Renal disease, also known as chronic kidney disease (CKD), affects around 37 million Americans. If you’ve recently been diagnosed with this condition, you may have many questions. While you should discuss the specifics of your situation with a physician during your doctor’s appointments, getting some basic information first helps you prepare for an informed conversation. Here are a few points to guide you.

4 Common Questions About Chronic Kidney Disease

Can I maintain a good quality of life with this condition?

Since there is currently no cure for the condition, you may be alarmed by the diagnosis. However, modern health care has enabled those affected to enjoy a rich quality of life. Dialysis helps you enjoy many of the activities you always did as you wait for a kidney transplant.

What is dialysis?

doctor's appointmentsThis is a process of removing waste from the blood. Taking over the primary role of the kidneys, dialysis uses a special machine to push blood through filters, removing excess salt and waste materials from the blood. There are multiple types of dialysis treatment, so your doctor will determine the right option for your needs.

What are the different types of dialysis?

During hemodialysis, the traditional form of treatment, the blood is filtered at a health care facility. This option typically requires three doctor’s appointments per week, each lasting about four hours.

At-home peritoneal dialysis is also available. With this option, you may use a peritoneal catheter that’s surgically placed in your abdomen to remove waste without assistance.

Will I be able to keep working?

Many people with CKD continue working, as it helps them to continue feeling like themselves. While you may need to modify your schedule to accommodate doctor’s appointments, continuing your career could help you maintain a positive quality of life.

If you find yourself fatigued while working, bring it up with your doctor. Fatigue is a common sign of anemia, which can be addressed with medications and dietary changes.


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