Your car’s windshield installation is much more than a piece of glass. It is an essential safety component of your vehicle. The guide below explores its role and why it's so important to get it repaired or replaced if it sustains damage.

What Is the Role of Your Windshield?

1. Protection From the Elements

A windshield protects vehicle occupants from the elements, including wind, rain, and dust. It also provides protection against insects and gravel kicked up by cars up ahead. This helps you avoid potential injuries to your eyes or face from debris while ensuring clear road visibility. 

However, these same elements and flying materials can also harm the glass. While a small rock chip might not seem like a large concern—and is usually easily fixable—unaddressed blemishes will expand with temperature fluctuations and further exposure to the weather, increasing the likelihood of spiderweb cracking and leaks.

windshield installation

2. Structural Support

In the past, vehicles used steel pillars to support the car's roof and keep it from caving in during a rollover accident. Nowadays, much of that job has been taken over by the windshield. The glass also guides airbags to deploy in the correct direction. A cracked windshield is more likely to blow out during an accident so that it can't perform these roles. This makes prompt repairs or replacement of damaged glass necessary.

3. Impact Absorption

A windshield contains two glass layers with an interior plastic film to reduce the chances of shattering, even when the force of a collision throws occupants forward. A functioning windshield dramatically lowers the risk of severe injury by keeping passengers from getting ejected from the vehicle and reducing the chances of them getting cut on glass shards.


Whether you need a new windshield installation or windshield repairs, Capital Auto Glass in Lincoln, NE, will provide quality work that ensures this glass fulfills its important safety functions. With decades of industry experience, their team backs all repair work with a generous warranty because they are confident in their results. To learn more about their services, visit them online. Call (402) 421-6653 for a quote.