When bathroom remodeling, creating a spa-like environment is often a priority to enhance daily life and to increase the overall value of a property. Beyond modern sinks and steam showers, many homeowners are leaning toward functional yet luxurious bathroom fixtures, such as bidets. Though common in many other parts of the world, bidets haven't been an American fixture until recent years. If you're unfamiliar with them, here's what you should know. 

What Is a Bidet?

A bidet is a bathroom fixture that uses water as a way to cleanse or wash up your lower region. It's a popular alternative to toilet paper that's most commonly seen in Asia and Europe. 

Due to their popularity in Japan, bidets are also referred to as Japanese toilets. While modern versions can have a variety of bells and whistles, including different pressure, jet stream, and temperature settings, the very first version is credited to a French furniture maker named Christopher Des Rosiers in the 1700s.

What Options are Available?

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A standard bidet always includes a faucet that provides a pressurized stream of water. Beyond this essential component, these bathroom fixtures can vary. 

Bidets can be a standalone basin that's installed right next to the toilet. If you're not looking for an entirely new fixture, bidet seats or attachments can also be installed directly on top of your current toilet. A bidet sprayer attachment can also be added to an existing shower. 

What Are the Benefits?

Once you install a bidet in your bathroom, the need for toilet paper will be eliminated, saving you money regularly. Cleansing and getting your areas clean can be simplified, boosting hygiene, reducing the risk of spreading germs, and possibly minimizing the risk of hemorrhoids and anal fissures. Additionally, with so many options and styles, a bidet can add a modern and luxurious touch to your grooming experiences. 


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