You're excited about an upcoming bathroom remodeling project. The design possibilities are endless as you ponder tiles, fixtures, and color schemes for a dream transformation. One important feature to consider is what type of shower door to include. Most options will either fall into the framed, frameless, or semi-frameless categories. Here's what you need to know about each and how the style you choose can complement your new space.


This style gets its name from the metal fixed around the door and the glass panels. The frame can safely accommodate glass in a wide range of thicknesses and dimensions and is considered a standard in many bathroom remodels.  If the installation is replacing existing shower curtains, the glass can also be customized to the current space. The door's weight is typically lighter compared to its other counterparts.


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If your bathroom remodeling project leans more contemporary, a frameless shower door will provide a modern aesthetic. The enclosures are typically constructed with thicker glass panels that don't have metal frames around them. 

Given their heft, additional components are needed to support the door's weight. Depending on the style and the glass's thickness, caulk joints, headers, and metal clamps may be installed to fortify the frameless enclosure. If your design plans include showcasing unique tiles and fixtures, the sleek and seamless door appearance provides that spotlight.  


These are shower doors that blend framed glass edges with frameless elements. This design will typically contain some metal framing to support the enclosure's structural integrity. However, unlike a framed door, it does not have metal around the entire door—only the bottom to capture water and condensation. 

Bypass styles and similar types are generally installed as semi-frameless.  If your preference is a marriage of frameless and framed, semi-frameless could be the perfect choice to enhance your bathroom renovation.


As you meet with your contractor to discuss remodeling the bathroom, consider how the shower door will provide amazing appeal. Bath Works Selection Center in Columbus, OH is your one-stop shop for framed, frameless, and semi-frameless styles. Their massive collection features designs from leading manufacturers to complement a variety of aesthetics. You can count on the team of knowledgeable representatives to offer no-pressure recommendations for your bathroom renovation. Call (614) 478-2645 with your questions or visit the website for extensive information.