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About Ceceilia Amirat Tutoring

The most qualified teachers and tutors are often those with experience in both education and the fields they’re instructing. Ceceilia Amirat Tutoring in New York, NY is bringing her years of experience as an educator and businesswoman to the tutoring world, helping students on the Upper East Side, online, and throughout the city improve their math, SAT math, business, French, and economics skills.

Before you hire a tutor for your child, it’s crucial to consider their qualifications. When you choose Ceceilia Amirat Tutoring, you choose an individual who has had experience teaching math and business in higher education since 2012. Beyond this, Ceceilia Amirat worked in both large, international companies and small CPA firms within the city, where she was widely considered both reliable and skillful. Due to her love of teaching, she also spent time tutoring middle and high school students in math and French in the New Jersey area. She has a tremendous amount of knowledge to impart to your child.

Ceceilia Amirat’s passion for education is contagious. She developed it after incredible experiences attending University of Pennsylvania’s prestigious and highly selective Wharton School and obtaining her MBA in Accounting at Rutgers University. She’s eager to bring her love of learning to her students through both Skype tutoring and in-person, one-on-one learning.

Her experiences have enabled her to teach at all levels in subjects such as Accounting, Algebra 1 & 2, Business Mathematics, Calculus, and more. Tutoring sessions usually last about an hour per visit, and often take place at the New York Public Library.

Whether your student is preparing for the math portion of the SAT or working hard to master a French class in school, Ceceilia Amirat Tutoring offers dedicated and thorough help. Call her at (917) 923-5760 or reach out by email