Let's face it, 2020 was not a benchmark year for new trendy hairstyles.  Salons were just trying to keep the doors open.  That is why gearing up for some fun looks this year is so intriguing as we realize that good hair can help usher in a good mood and why having a good hair day is “a thing” for a reason.  We are happy to share that 2021 hair forecasts are sunny, with plenty of good hair days on the horizon.


Flattering haircuts that can grow out effortlessly, requiring very few in-between touch-ups, waves that don't fall into any particular category and hair color that's more natural than not, take a spot in our post-at-home lifestyle.  And of course, as always in the twilight of international turmoil, there's a little whimsy in there too.  Retro styles, and hair color that makes a statement (of caring or not caring—you get to choose).  In the end, that's what the joy of hair is all about: Choice, agency, beauty, and freedom.


The '60s were a time of revolution and reinvention, and so too, will be 2021.  Only this time around, with less hairspray, stronger shapes and more movement.  Center parts, heavy over-grown bangs, high ponytails, headbands and crown bumps are seeing a comeback. (with the addition of a strong eyeliner for some added flair).


The modern shag, with lots of texture is moving in on the blunt A-line Bob we have seen for so many years.  It is flattering on all hair types, various lengths and is great for adding volume and soft movement.  We are even seeing it venture into the Mullet domain, which is just an exaggerated shag.  


Blended balayage highlights and organic placement of color is replacing more dimensional color.  Face framing with fun and unexpected color placement, and a natural looking shadow root heralds the time that it was not so easy to get to the salon, and we were learning to embrace the imperfect.  Long layers and crimped, random waves made with our flatiron gives a more purposeful look to the bed head we may have rocked in 2020!


Anyway you look at it, we are open to change and looking forward to some fun new looks for a refresh this year! 


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