When Americans approach their senior years, many consider international moving to lead exciting lives in more affordable locations. Several countries offer numerous benefits to retirees, with some consistently rating high on quality of life. Here are a few nations you may be interested in calling your new home.

What Are the Best Destinations for International Moving?

1. Mexico 

A short drive from the U.S., this country offers a warm climate with breathtaking beaches, farmland, and mountains. It boasts modern, high-quality entertainment, health care, and housing, with one American dollar equating to more than 20 pesos. Mexico is also known for its hospitable culture, as locals are warm and welcoming.

2. Ecuador 

Ecuador also features gorgeous farmland and beaches, and is even more affordable than Mexico. It’s also home to part of the famed Andes Mountains, which offer opportunities for adventure.

The country also provides discounts to foreign retirees, and many have their own expat communities. Many locals honor their indigenous traditions and combine them with faith, so there’s no shortage of fascinating cultural activities to enjoy. 

3. Costa Rica 

international movingOffering high-rated health care, housing, and outdoor activities, this country is popular with adventurers. Ziplining, snorkeling, surfing, and horseback riding are common across the country.

Housing is also available at a low cost. Since the people are warm and progressive, the country is home to many LGBTQ retirees. 

4. Panama 

As with other Latin American countries, Panama is gifted with awe-inspiring mountains and beaches. The friendly and hospitable people enjoy modern health care, entertainment, and various outdoor activities, including fishing, diving, and surfing.

Like Ecuador, the country provides extra discounts to expats. It also requires no income tax, stretching your dollar further.

5. Malaysia 

If you’re interested in Asia, consider this nation. Housing and health care are affordable, and you have many enchanting islands to explore.

Thanks to their history with Britain, English is spoken throughout the country, which makes navigation and communication easier as you settle in.


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