Your countertops are undoubtedly a focal point of the kitchen, so they should reflect the space's overall look and color scheme. However, choosing the right counters can be overwhelming, with an array of options to consider. To make the best choice, keep the following factors in mind.

Kitchen Countertop Design Tips

1. Color & Pattern

Let color be your inspiration as you renovate the kitchen. Stones lend intrigue to the room by incorporating several shades, so look at a variety before making a selection. Also, choose a slab rather than picking your counter based on a sample, so you can ensure you get a natural pattern that suits your style and kitchen.

2. Edge

countertopsWhile the material and color might seem like the most crucial countertop features, the edge also plays a defining role in its look. A bull-nosed edge is a popular choice, with a smooth, rounded side that's easier on the elbows. An eased edge, or softened square, is a clean, modern look with softly rounded corners. While a sharper look may be more modern, be sure to consider the people who will be using the space and their safety.

3. Contrast

If you have an island, consider using a contrasting material for this space to add some interest to your kitchen. For example, if you have granite countertops throughout the kitchen, select a different color or pattern for the island. This will make that structure stand out and create a unique focus.

4. Maintenance

When selecting countertops, think about how much upkeep you want to have. Some materials are more durable and easier to maintain than others. For example, granite only requires yearly sealing. Quartz is even more sturdy, as it only needs to be wiped down occasionally.


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