While a dog's needs are fairly simple—feed them, give them exercise, and keep their kennel clean—there are more nuanced needs they have. In order to fully understand what they want, you'll have to pay attention to their sounds and body language. Here are some changes to look out for. 

How to Better Understand Your Dog

1. Panting

Panting is a regular behavior in dogs, but it can have many meanings. Dogs pant slightly when they're happy or energetic, but it can also be something they do when they're calm and relaxing. A subtle pant isn't usually concerning, but a heavy pant can be a sign that your dog is overheating or sick. If you notice your dog is panting heavily, let them rest, cool down, and drink some water. If it persists, contact your vet to schedule a checkup. 


2. Ear Position

Different breeds of dogs have different natural ear positions, but a change in position can tell you a lot about what your dog is feeling. If your dog's ears are down and they're calm, it can be a sign that your dog is being submissive or wants to be pet. 

If they're down while your dog is exhibiting aggressive behavior, it can be a sign that your dog senses danger and is getting ready to protect you. 

When their ears are up, it can mean that they're alert and paying attention, but if they're up and tilted a bit forward, they're energized and ready to play or run. 

3. Whining

Whining is seen as your dog's way of asking you for something. If they're whining in their kennel, it can mean they want to be let out. If they're whining while sitting near you, they want a treat or your attention. Sometimes, dogs whine if they're injured or sick. As you spend more time with your dog, it will become easier to identify the reason behind their whining, but if you're at all concerned, you should take them to see a vet. 

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