Adopting a dog can bring a lot of joy to your family—but it also comes with added responsibilities. Most dog breeds have unique needs in terms of exercise, socialization, and pet grooming. If you’ve never had a long-haired dog before, for example, you’ll have to get used to regularly brushing them down and taking them for haircuts. The following guide looks at some of the most popular long-haired dogs you may be considering and what care they’ll require. 

A Pet Grooming Guide for Long-Haired Dog Breeds

1. Portuguese Water Dog

This long-haired breed is known for being active and intelligent, making them a great option for families that like to get out and go on hikes or play in the yard. However, make sure to get them flea and tick medication so that these pests don’t make their way into your pet’s fur during outings.

Their coats resemble human hair and can be either wavy or curly. Regardless of the type they have, you’ll need to brush them regularly—spraying their fur lightly with water before pushing against the grain with your fingers and then brushing the fur back. Treat their hair in sections so you can make sure you do a thorough job.

They will also need to be bathed every two to three weeks and to have their coats trimmed based on length to ensure their fur doesn’t get matted or tangled. The plus side, though, is that with proper care, Portuguese water dogs don’t shed very much.

2. Australian Shepherd

pet groomingThis breed is known for having high levels of energy. They’re social, which means they require mental stimulation as well as physical. Therefore, this would be a good companion dog if you already have another pet.

As far as grooming goes, they’re considered moderate shedders, so you’ll need to brush their fur at least once a week to keep your space clean. You’ll also want to schedule monthly grooming appointments to get rid of excess fur with de-shedding treatments.

3. Cocker Spaniel

This breed is also highly social, which means they love to follow their owners around. This can lead to separation anxiety, but with training and the right toys, they should be able to keep themselves occupied while you’re gone. They’re highly obedient and fiercely loyal, making them perfect for families with small children. 

Cocker Spaniels have silky, wavy, human-like fur that requires weekly bathing. They should be brushed daily. Consider using baby oil to work out tangles in their sleek coat. 


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