A house may hit all of your buying requirements and preferences, but it may not be in as optimal shape as it looks. You’ll need to hire a professional inspector to get an accurate picture of the listing’s condition. This guide explains the benefits and process of a home inspection.

Why Should I Set Up a Home Inspection?

An inspection will ensure a prospective property is in good shape, giving you the greatest value out of the purchase. These examinations let you fully scrutinize the property from an expert’s perspective. The inspector will give you a detailed report on the home’s condition, including existing damage and areas that need repair. These discoveries may give you an edge to negotiating a lower asking price, as you’ll need funds to cover them. Findings from a post-purchase inspection report will be up to you, not the seller, to finance.

What’s Involved in a Home Inspection?

home inspectionThe inspector will complete a thorough walk-through to assess the condition of the house’s key components, like the plumbing system, appliances, electrical network, and foundation. They’ll also look at the integrity of the roof, walls, ceilings, windows, and doors.

They’ll give you a detailed rundown on these components and tell you what needs immediate attention and how much the repairs may cost. Many buyers prefer to be present during the inspection to ask questions and point out areas of particular concern.


If you’re about to close on a property, contact the team at Akana Home Inspection in Keaau, HI. This locally owned company provides Big Island homebuyers with detailed inspection reports, allowing them to move forward with confidence when securing their dream homes. They’ll set aside time to answer questions, ensuring you have a complete understanding of the property’s safety, quality, and condition. To schedule a home inspection, call (808) 987-1243 or fill out a request form online.