Many people believe home inspections are tests with pass or fail grades, and their ability to sell or buy the home hinges on these results. In actuality,  an inspection reveals crucial defects, so the current or future owner can address them and keep the house in good shape. Here are some of the most common red flags that come up in home inspections. 

4 Common Issues Found in Home Inspections

1. Foundation Problems

Many homes in the U.S. are built on expansive soil, which can shift depending on the season. When these shifts are large, the foundation of a home may become unstable. You may notice structural cracks, a sloping foundation, leaks, and doors and windows in the house that don't close properly. Significant foundation problems are usually expensive to fix. 

2. Plumbing Issues

home-inspectionsHome inspections often reveal pipe problems, especially in older homes where plumbing is prone to leaks and corrosion. Pipe concerns can be small, such as a faucet leak, or large, such as sewer line damage. A home inspector can thoroughly detail all the plumbing concerns in a home and recommend fixes for problem spots. 

3. Presence of Mold

Mold can form a dirty, dark layer on walls and floors and make spaces smell musty. But more importantly, mold often causes respiratory issues, headaches, and skin irritation. Mold can turn up anywhere, so it’s essential to have every part of your home checked. ​​​​​​

4. Roof Problems

Common roof issues include materials at the end of their life span, poor construction, and weather or water damage. An inspector will check each layer of the roof as well as the space directly underneath for damage. They can also predict the roof’s remaining life span based on its current condition, so you can decide if you want to invest in repairs or a replacement.


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