Home inspections are often part of residential real estate transactions, as they help buyers make informed decisions about the property. Yet buyers aren’t the only ones who benefit from these investigations. Here are some of the reasons why requesting a pre-listing home inspection is a smart investment before putting your house on the market.

4 Benefits of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

1. Timely Repairs

Schedule an inspection to identify what in your home requires repairs, such as a plumbing leak in the kitchen or foundation cracks. Making small repairs now avoids depreciation issues that affect the selling price. Preemptive repairs can also save money and stress because you get to select the contractor and materials and maintain control over the process.

2. Accurate Pricing

home inspectionPerhaps some repairs are worth your money, but others cost more than the sale of the house. A pre-listing home inspection allows you and your realtor to accurately price the property based on what you will fix versus what the buyer will likely renovate. It avoids exorbitant pricing that deters buyers and unrealistically low pricing that doesn’t match what you’re spending on repairs and maintenance.

3. Increased Credibility

A thorough property inspection demonstrates your trustworthiness as a seller. If you’re selling multiple properties or wish to in the future, pre-listing home inspections contribute to a reputation for honesty and integrity.

4. Quicker Sales Process

A property inspection streamlines the sale because it lowers the chance of the buyer finding problems and reneging on the deal. Some buyers even skip scheduling inspections because they accept the information provided by the sellers, which speeds up the sales process. If your buyer decides to have their own inspection, the chance of them backing out is still low since there will likely be few to no discrepancies between the reports.


If you want a pre-listing inspection, contact Akana Home Inspection. These knowledgeable and dependable inspectors have served the Big Island of Hawaii since 2014, offering a local touch that helps island properties sell. Call (808) 987-1243 today to make an appointment, or visit the certified inspectors online for pricing information.