A home inspection is an essential part of the buying process, providing valuable insight into the condition of the property you’re planning to purchase. What you learn will allow you to pinpoint and plan for necessary repairs and renovations, as well as determine if you’re paying a fair price. To get the most out of the inspection, ask the following questions.

4 Key Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector

Are there any health or safety hazards?

Mold, asbestos, rodents, and insects are common health problems discovered during a home inspection. In most cases, they can be removed successfully before you move in, so ask your inspector for recommended fixes. For example, a damp basement prone to mold may need a new ventilation system to mitigate moisture. 

What should be fixed first?

Hawaii home inspectionYour inspector should identify the most immediate issues first so you can prioritize repairs. For example, foundation cracks must be addressed as soon as possible; otherwise, the concrete might split and compromise the home’s structural integrity. On the other hand, minor problems, such as chipped paint or loose light fixtures, can wait to be fixed.

How sound is the electrical system?

Faulty wiring can cause house fires, so your inspector should check the home’s electrical system for worn parts, exposed wires, and other potential problems. If upgrades were made to the system, verify that they were installed properly and are up to code. 

What might be a problem in the future?

Being aware of potential problems with a house can help you prevent costly damage from occurring in the future. For example, it helps to know the age of the home’s water heater—if it’s nearing 10 years old, it will need to be replaced relatively soon. Exposed tree roots, a muddy lawn, and other signs of soil erosion around the house may indicate it’s prone to cracks.


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