Enclosed trailers are a great way to transport materials, tools, products, equipment, and other heavy cargo. If you are interested in purchasing one, there are a few questions to ask before settling on a choice. Below are some commonly asked questions to help you make your decision. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Trailers

Should you choose steel or aluminum?

The material depends on your needs and priorities. Steel is cost-effective, and when coated properly, will have a long lifespan, but it may still crack or rust over time. However, you can expect a longer life if it is maintained properly. Aluminum is lightweight and rust-resistant, but it is prone to cracking. This metal will also dull if not clean and polished.

How do you pick an enclosed trailer size?

enclosed trailersTrailer widths are typically available in 5, 6, 7, and 8 1/2 feet. Lengths range between 8 and 32 feet. Assess what you have to haul, and if items seem tight, go up a size so nothing will get damaged in transit. Some manufacturers will make custom sizes, but they will only go up in six-inch increments. These also tend to be more expensive.

How do you pick axle types?

Trailers come with either leaf spring or torsion axles. Leaf spring varieties have metal springs and are bulkier, but they are best with heavy loads. Torsion axles utilize rubber, tend to take up less space, and are lightweight, making them a smart choice for light loads. As for repairs, leaf spring axles can easily be fixed, but torsion versions are trickier to repair. 

What type of doors do they have?

Enclosed trailers come in either ramp or barn doors. Ramps are great for rolling out heavy equipment or removing items with a hand truck. To let the ramp extend outward, however, you will need about six feet of additional space. If square footage is limited, barn doors are a better choice. On these trailers, two doors swing outward.


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