Gooseneck trailers are popular towing solutions for RVs, livestock trailers, and other heavy towing products. They require special handling and care, which is why there are key rules to follow before you hit the road. Below is a helpful guide to ensure you get to your destination safely. 

How to Safely Use a Gooseneck Trailer 

1. Perform a Safety Check 

Towing can increase the potential for accidents, so perform a comprehensive safety check before hitting the road. Test the tire pressure and make sure the treads aren’t worn down. Check that the trailer hitch is properly mounted and that the receiver in your truck bed is bolted down securely. Test the brake and turn signal wiring and check that the safety chains are properly connected. Any broken and cracked parts need to be repaired before you use the trailer.

2. Properly Distribute the Weight

As a rule of thumb, keep 60% of the weight in the trailer at the front and evenly distribute it between the sides. This helps to keep the trailer stable on the road so that it’s less likely to jerk around.

3. Follow the Six-Inch Rule

gooseneck trailerA gooseneck trailer requires at least six inches of clearance between the bottom of the frame and the top of the truck bed’s frame. This ensures the trailer can swing smoothly and won’t snag on and damage your vehicle.

When measuring this, make sure that the coupler isn’t at or beyond six inches from the truck. The longer this distance is, the more uneven the trailer will be, which can be dangerous for livestock or items in a towable RV. Raising the coupler too high can also unevenly distribute weight between the truck’s axels and make it dangerous to drive, so follow these rules closely. 

4. Test Your Truck’s Suspension

If your truck’s suspension can’t support the weight of the gooseneck trailer, you’re going to face some significant safety issues. When you first test out a trailer in a parking lot or safe area, pay attention to how your car drives. If it isn’t riding smoothly or is squeaking when you turn, your suspension system may not be able to support the trailer.


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