Aluminum trailers are durable, which is why many motorists choose them to transfer cargo safely. The lightweight frame also makes the trailers easy to hitch to all sorts of tow vehicles without fear of damaging the suspension or overheating the transmission during the haul. To help your investment retain its luster, learn more about cleaning the inside and outside of your trailer. 

3 Cleaning Steps for Aluminum Trailers

1. Remove Dirt 

Sweep the inside of the trailer after each use to remove dirt, dust, and other grime left from the cargo. To get rid of stuck-on gunk, use a long-handled brush to scrub mild dish soap into the interior and exterior walls, floor, and ceiling. After, use a garden hose or power washer to remove the soap.

2. Polish Surface

Browns-Summit-North-Carolina-trailersExposure to oxygen can cause aluminum to lose its shiny finish and the color painted on surfaces to fade. To retain the like-new appearance, routinely polish the trailer. Mothers® Mag & Aluminum Polish, for example, won’t damage alloys and will provide a high-gloss sheen. Blue Magic® Polish Cream can eliminate tarnish spots and the signs of oxidation. Apply the polish in sections, using one rag to dab the solution into surfaces and another to rub it in.

3. Apply Cleaner

Although some polishes can help remove minor oxidation, try citrus cleaners to get rid of heavy oxidation. The acid in the citrus can strip away the oxidative film without damaging the paint underneath. Apply the solution in sections using a dry, clean rag.  


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