When you’re hauling a large load with your truck, being able to brake is essential. Since larger loads require more energy to carry, stopping can become more difficult, which is where brake controllers come into the picture. Here is a little more information about these devices and how they can help you. 

What Is a Brake Controller? 

The device sends an electronic signal to your trailer brakes as soon as you start to stop. As a result, the trailer slows down in tandem with your vehicle.

A controller takes on some of the burden of slowing the vehicle, minimizing wear and tear on the main braking system and helping your vehicle operate more efficiently. 

What Varieties Are Available? 

brake controllersTwo basic varieties are available on the market: proportional and time-delayed brake controllers. Proportional controllers use motion sensors to detect your car’s speed and braking. The system is referred to as “proportional” because the braking speed mimics the speed of your vehicle. When you brake slowly, so does the controller. On the other hand, when you brake suddenly, the controller stops your vehicle more aggressively. 

A time-delayed controller provides a level, predictable amount of pressure if the device signals braking activity. Power and braking pressure are determined beforehand, depending on the driver’s preferences and towing load. 


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