As a homeowner, it’s imperative to ensure the roofing on the house stays in good condition. It’s not only the first layer of protection against the elements but also one of the factors used to determine the overall property value. That’s why roofing contractors stress the importance of properly landscaping the trees on the property as part of your maintenance routine. Here are some of the ways trees can harm your roof.

How Can Trees Be Dangerous for Your Roofing?

1. Branch Damage

One way to protect your home is by trimming back any branches that have grown close by. As the wind shakes the branches, they can scratch and damage the roof, windows, and siding of the home.

Also, prevent branches from growing over the roof. If they get damaged or die, they can fall onto the roof and require expensive repairs.

Roofing2. Problems With Leaves

While they may not inflict as much damage as branches, falling leaves present their own problems for residential roofing. When they accumulate on the roof, they make it harder for any water to properly evaporate. They also clog gutters. In either of these cases, water can’t drain away from the roof, so it pools instead, which weakens shingles and creates leaks.

3. Risk of Moss Growth

The shade of trees might help you stay cool on a hot day, but it also increases the chance of moss and algae growth. The shade prevents water from evaporating as quickly, which creates the moist, humid environment that these plants need to grow. The root system infiltrates roof shingles and causes them to become loose or break off entirely.


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