After a winter of hard work, your heating system deserves to be cleaned and serviced before its vacation. Caring for the furnace before the offseason reduces the risk of malfunctions when it takes the stage again next fall. With the following steps, you’ll be ready to switch over to AC with peace of mind. 

3 Steps to Get Your Furnace Ready for Spring

1. Replace or Clean Air Filter

Mold spores, dust, pet dander, dirt, and other airborne particles were trapped in the furnace filter during winter heating. Before shutting down the system, change or clean the screen. This way, components won’t work harder to circulate air next winter, which will prevent premature wear.

heatingIf your heating and air conditioning systems share the same filter, this task should be done once per season. Replacing it will improve indoor air quality and keep energy costs low during the cooling season.  

2. Check Carbon Monoxide Levels

The heating system contains carbon monoxide, a byproduct of burning fuel. The exhaust system vents the dangerous gas away from interiors. To ensure equipment is functioning correctly, use a carbon monoxide detector near the furnace.

If the alarm sounds, open the windows of your home and call a professional. There could be a crack in the heat exchanger or another problem an HVAC technician will need to remedy. 

3. Schedule a Tuneup 

A system tuneup at the end of winter will extend the life of your furnace. An HVAC contractor will check the condition of the pilot light, combustion chamber, blower, bearings, motor, and additional components. They’ll also clean the combustion pipe, exterior flue, and other outdoor parts caked in leaves and additional grime. 


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