The HVAC is among the most essential systems in many homes, so it’s only practical to protect it against potential damages, including power surges. Whether the spike comes from internal or external sources, a surge protector serves as a primary defense. Here’s why you should invest in one.

Why an HVAC System Needs Surge Protection

1. Prolong Its Life Span

Appliances depend on a stable, uninterrupted supply of electricity, and this is particularly true for high-powered ones. However, there’s no guarantee that you’ll have a steady electrical current on your property. Electric utility companies sometimes have to transfer loads from one grid to another or cut off a power supply temporarily. So when the electricity comes back on, a brief spike enters your electrical system and your HVAC. The same applies when lightning strikes a utility line directly or somewhere near it. 

Without a surge protector, the motor becomes vulnerable to the incoming transient voltage. At high levels, it can immediately burn and melt components, requiring costly repairs. Smaller surges from faulty wiring and other appliances are also possible, which can cause gradual damage over time and subsequent premature failure of your HVAC system.   

2. Maintain Its Peak Efficiency

HVACSince a surge protector safeguards the components of your heating and cooling system against destructive electricity spikes and breaks, it helps maintain the optimal performance of every part. For instance, your compressor is at risk for power fluctuations. If it fails, your HVAC will run less efficiently because it won’t be able to compress the refrigerant as needed, causing it to consume more energy in the process.

3. Save on Costs

A surge protector is a small purchase that delivers long-term protection for your HVAC. It’s cost-effective insurance against electrical fluctuations that can quickly damage your investment. Many homeowners spend substantial sums on replacing damaged equipment or essential components due to power disturbances. While these electrical events are uncontrollable, the least you can do is to safeguard your system with a surge protection device.


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