Having a sick tree on your property can be a liability. It could attract dangerous pests or fall on a neighboring driveway or house, causing injuries and lawsuits. In order to know when to consult a tree care provider for help, routinely check for the following symptoms of illness. 

3 Signs a Tree Is Unhealthy

1. Bare Branches

Although deciduous trees often lose leaves in late fall and blossom again in spring, pay attention to changes in the cycle. Leaves clinging to branches throughout winter or bare limbs in the late summer should be a concern. Pest infestation could be the cause. The black twig borer, for example, bores into branches to create holes to lay eggs. Later, it brings fungus into the tree to feed the grubs. Pest activity restricts water and nutrient flow through a branch, putting it at risk of snapping. A tree care technician can prune back or remove the dead branches.  

2. Powdery Mildew

tree careIn dry climates, powdery mildew can form and spread in humid conditions. Spores resembling powder carry the fungal infection. The white spots develop on leaves and are carried to other areas in the wind. The mildew can stunt growth, leaving the trunk and branches disfigured. A tree care technician can remove the infected areas or the entire plant and recommend mildew-resistant species to replace it. 

3. Flaking Bark

Bark acts as a tree’s skin, conserving water and protecting the internal structure from extreme temperatures, bacteria, pests, and treacherous weather. Check the trunk and low-hanging branches for loose and flaking bark where bare wood underneath is visible. Hypoxylon canker or another fungal disease could affect the sapwood and cause unusual shedding. A tree care technician can determine the scope of the problem and whether removal is the best option.  


If you notice any of the above problems, contact the tree care specialists at Compton's Tree Services, Inc. in Kernersville, NC. Beyond tree trimming, pruning, and removal, the technicians provide arborist services to diagnose and treat injuries, diseases, and infestations. For an appointment in Forsyth County, call (336) 993-4069.