Trees are a beautiful part of your property and enhance your curb appeal. However, sometimes they need removal if they have a disease or suffered damage after a storm. A tree suffering from disease or infestation may look healthy, but a strong wind gust may send it toppling over. To avoid damage to personal property or injury to others, consider hiring tree removal experts to cut these trees down safely. Below, learn the essential guidelines to prepare your property for arborist services.

3 Tips to Prepare Your Property for Tree Removal

1. Make Room for Service Vehicles

Professional tree removers utilize a lot of equipment to take down large trees. Wood chippers and large trucks are brought in to chop and haul away trunks and large limbs. Make sure your driveway is clear of vehicles so that workers have plenty of room to park and access their work trucks. You may also want to alert your neighbors so that they can move their vehicles and coordinate accordingly. 

2. Clear Out Personal Property

tree removalOnce the tree removers have specified the area they will fell the tree, it’s essential to clear the area of personal property. Outdoor furniture, bikes, lawn equipment, and breakable items might receive damage from fallen limbs and sawdust. If the workers take the time to move your items, it might prolong the process and could potentially result in an injury. 

3. Inquire About Additional Services

Once the tree is down, you’ll have options regarding leftover debris. Stump grinding and removal requires additional work, so prepare for a possible additional charge if you want it cleared. Debris and leaf clean-up may be included in the original quote, but large quantities may require additional service. Let the tree service know if you want to keep the excess limbs and brush for firewood. Stacking the wood neatly is usually included, and you will save some money on removal.


If you need professional tree removal, turn to Compton’s Tree Service in Kernersville, NC. Serving the Forsyth County area for over 25 years, they utilize state-of-the-art equipment for a variety of services, including emergency tree removal, tree trimming, and stump removal. Call the professionals at (336) 993-4069 for more information.