Old tree stumps can ruin the visual appeal of even the most carefully manicured lawn, but digging up the roots can be destructive and costly. Stump grinding is an effective, affordable way to remove the remnants of dead trees, by shaving the trunk down to an inch or two below ground level. Below are a few reasons why stump grinding is so important.

4 Benefits of Stump Grinding

1. Tree Stumps Are a Tripping Hazard

Tree stumps are the perfect height for tripping up children and pets playing on your lawn or visitors walking across the grass. While these accidents might usually be harmless, they might also result in serious injuries, including broken bones and even concussions. This could also result in a lawsuit. 

2. Stumps Are the Ideal Home for Pests

stump grindingTermites, carpenter ants, and other pests often build colonies in old tree stumps. Eventually, these infestations will spread to healthy trees and even your home, causing damage that can be extremely difficult to repair. Stump grinding makes your property less attractive to these pests by leaving nothing but the roots underground.

3. New Trees Can Sprout From Old Stumps

Some species can sprout new growth from old stumps even if a tree has been cut down by a professional. These new trees can have unattractive growth patterns that disrupt your landscape design and draw vital nutrients from the soil.

4. Stump Grinding Preserves Your Lawn

Larger, older trees usually have thick roots and a heavy base, which makes removing the trunk a difficult and labor-intensive project. Stump grinding doesn’t require extensive excavation or digging, which preserves your lawn and avoids damaging nearby plants, flowers, and trees. 


For over 25 years, home and business owners throughout Kernersville, NC, have relied on the professionals at Compton's Tree Services, Inc. to beautify their properties and keep their families safe. If your land is littered with old tree trunks, their stump grinding team has the tools and experience to eliminate the risk without digging up your lawn. To make an appointment and request a quote, call their offices at (336) 993-4069.