The spring season is the time when your trees come out of dormancy and start a productive growing season. The new growth they get during this time will impact their health throughout the rest of the year. Prepare them for the warmer temperatures ahead with the following tree care tips.

Spring Tree Care Checklist

1. Test the Soil

Test the soil’s pH level when the warmer temperatures roll in. It may have changed from your deicer in the winter or from heavy rainfall. Trees typically need a pH between five and seven, but the ideal range will vary slightly depending on the variety. Add pulverized limestone to neutralize acidic soil, or sulfur to lower a basic pH.

2. Clean Up

Remove any wraps you put around the tree for the winter season. You should also get rid of anything on the tree’s branches and trunks, such as decorative lighting. Remove all the dead leaves and other organic material around the base of the tree. 

3. Prune

kernersville tree pruningPruning is best done at the beginning of the spring when it has warmed up enough that you know it won’t freeze again. Pruning encourages growth in the right direction and allows the tree to focus its growth in the right places. It allows air and light to get through the canopy to the tree. Tree pruning can do serious damage when it is done improperly, so leave this task to your arborist.

4. Mulch

Spring tends to have some extreme temperature fluctuations during the warm days and colder temperatures at night. Mulch will protect the roots from those temperature changes. It will lock moisture in the soil and keep weeds from taking root around its base. Put a layer of mulch down, but take care to leave a few inches of bare space around the trunk. Placing the organic material directly up against the trunk leaves it susceptible to fungal infections and pest infestations.

5. Water

Schedule your sprinkler system for spring watering, and start it early if the season is unusually dry. Young trees within the first few years of their lives need a lot of extra water, so ask your arborist about the ideal schedule. Water deeply and infrequently rather than a little bit each day.


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