Treehouses provide getaways filled with all the fun amenities you can imagine. But if you want to build one for your family, you’ll need to take some precautions to make it safe and reliable. Here’s what professional tree service companies advise.

What Tree Type Is Best

The house’s size will influence which type of tree will offer the best support. In general, one with a trunk diameter of at least 12 feet is a good starting point. Older trees tend to be sturdier than younger ones. A tree service can assess the age and condition of the options in your yard to determine which has enough stability to support a house. 

tree servicesLook for a healthy tree with thick, strong branches and deep roots that can withstand fungus and insect infiltration. Deciduous trees, or those that shed their leaves during the colder seasons, typically have denser trunks and branches.

Some options to consider are maple, cedar, oak, and beech. In addition to their ability to acclimate to weather conditions, they grow to have expansive reaches, often more than enough to support a standard treehouse. 

How to Build One

After you’ve chosen the right tree, met local building regulations, and created the treehouse’s design, the next step is construction. Start by marking the trunk and branches with string where you plan to install the structure.

Level the floor since it will support the treehouse’s entire weight. When attaching the walls, they must also be sturdy enough for additional reinforcement. 

Once you’ve created single punctures at all attachment points, screw in large lag bolts, which will put less stress on the tree. Overbuild the joints so they can support a minimum of three times the treehouse’s weight.

To allow for future growth, tree service specialists recommend adding spacers between the beams and the tree. Establish gaps of at least 2 to 3 inches around the tree if it passes through the floor or roof. 


Compton’s Tree Service in Kernersville, NC, is your trusted resource for choosing the right tree for this exciting construction project. Owner Eric Compton has 30 years of experience in assessing tree health. The licensed, insured, and bonded firm will also provide customized tree care. To make an appointment, call (336) 993-4069. Visit the website for their complete list of tree services.