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1590 Slate Rd, Kernersville, NC 27284

About Compton's Tree Services, Inc.

Storms and strong winds can topple trees and displace their limbs. In these unpredictable situations, having a reliable tree service company is critical to cleaning up and protecting your property from further damage. With more than 25 years of experience, Compton's Tree Services, Inc. in Kernersville, NC, offers dependable solutions to residential and commercial clients.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, these professionals perform comprehensive tree removals. They take pride in planning safe operations, while leaving little to no mess behind. Staff members take into consideration power lines, septic tank placement, and other structures to avoid property damage or harm to crew members. Their team will also get necessary permits from the local jurisdiction on your behalf before scheduling.

In addition to tree removals, Compton's Tree Services trims and prunes trees for homes and businesses in Forsyth County. Tree pruning is an essential aspect of your tree’s health. These experts will carefully examine and cut limbs to improve overall appearance and vitality. For added beauty, clients can have their crew rid landscapes of ugly stumps. They grind down stumps into dust without creating large craters.

What customers appreciate most from this trustworthy company is their constant support. Knowledgeable staff members work with you to expedite insurance claims, ensuring your provider is on the same page throughout the removal process. Homeowners and businesses can ask them questions regarding equipment, timelines, and helpful tips on promoting healthy growth. 

When searching for the right team to tackle your difficult yard jobs, reach out to the professionals at Compton's Tree Services. Call them today at (336) 993-4069 to schedule an appointment. 


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"My husband called, they were here within an hour, the trees were removed the same day. They ground stumps, removed debris. Great job. Will definitely use in the future if needed."... ...more
- Carlena Davidson[Google My Business, November 10, 2020]
"Compton's team took down 12 large trees safely. This was not an easy job - the trees were around my pool and house. They brought a crane, a bobcat, a huge tree eating grinder, a stamp grinder, and a mini bobcat."... ...more
- Travis[Google My Business, October 21, 2020]