Just like any art form, quilting goes through trends and fashions. This year’s popular styles and fabrics look to have a distinctly retro look, reviving older and simpler traditions while adding modern twists. To achieve this look yourself, try incorporating some of these ideas.

Trendy Quilting Choices for Your Next Project

1. The New Year’s Colors

Robert Kaufman Co, quilting industry authority, chooses a Color of the Year, and 2021’s selection is Horizon, a brilliant shade of sky blue. It’s sure to appear in many popular patterns and prints over the next several months.

Warm neutrals and earth tones are also growing in popularity, matching a home decor trend toward the same colors. To achieve a bold, crisp design, many quilters are swearing off printed fabrics for 2021 and opting for solid colors.

2. Simple Piecing

fabricIn contrast to recent trends that use many small, complex pieces of fabric, this year’s patterns tend to have simple lines and curves. Many revive a classic, traditional look with patterns of overlapping circles or starbursts of diamonds. Your stitching can be simple, too; straight line quilting—where lines of stitching run across the pattern rather than following the edges of the shapes—is in style right now.

3. Asymmetry

Most traditional quilt patterns are symmetrical and repeat with few variations across the whole quilt, but 2021 is all about variety. Many of this year’s designs are composed differently, with major elements and color accents positioned to one side or toward a corner. This allows you to incorporate some truly bold colors in the accented area without repeating over the whole quilt, which would look overwhelming.


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