Occasionally, wildlife can enter your home, even if you take preventative steps. For example, bats are some of the most challenging pests to keep out, as they nest in attics and crawl spaces. If you experience this, you should schedule professional bat removal immediately, as these animals can cause a range of issues. Below is more information about the hidden dangers of bats. 

Why You Should Prioritize Bat Removal

1. Corrosion

While bats do not cause as much destruction as other pests—such as termites—these flying creatures will scratch and dent the wood in your home as they look for a comfortable place to nest.

Plus, their waste—known as guano—contains phosphate, ammonium, and potassium. These chemicals will corrode metal building materials, reducing their structural integrity. Over time, this can significantly reduce the safety of your home, as well as weaken and destroy any electrical components in the area. 

2. Odor

bat RemovalBats typically go to the bathroom in their nesting area, and they will do so frequently. When this happens, the smell of the waste will accumulate quickly, permeating the surround area and sticking into wood. This is especially noticeable if they are living in a humid, enclosed space, such as the attic.

You will notice that rooms throughout your home begin to smell, despite no noticeable causes. If this happens, look to the ceiling in rooms where the smell is particularly bad. You may see dark stains appearing overhead, which comes from the breakdown of their waste. This can penetrate wood, drywall, and clay.

3. Bacteria & Pests

When bats reside in your home, they bring along considerable bacteria that they can transmit through their waste and saliva. This is especially harmful to any family members that are sensitive to allergens, as well as pets that come into contact with it. In addition, bats are often carry pests like fleas, mites, and even bed bugs. Bat removal is the best way to eliminate the risk of further pest infestations and unsanitary conditions. 


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