Many people consider getting Botox® to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles or treat medical conditions like chronic migraines or excessive sweating. This process takes only a few minutes, and results can last for three to four months. If you have never experienced this treatment before, here are some ways to prepare and ensure the appointment goes smoothly.

How to Get Ready for a Botox Treatment

1. Confirm Botox Is Safe for You

Botox is a protein substance that stops the overactive facial muscles that contribute to wrinkles. While rare, some people are allergic to this substance. Therefore, confirm that this formula is safe for you. If you have a skin infection in the proposed injection area, that could also complicate matters. Additionally, while it's believed that pregnant or breastfeeding women can safely get this treatment, more research is still being done, so you might want to wait.


2. Discuss Current Medications

Some supplements and over-the-counter and prescription medications may interact with Botox, meaning you’ll need to stop taking these 10-14 days before the treatment. These include ibuprofen and other NSAIDs, aspirin, ginseng, garlic, vitamin E, and omega 3 oils. 

Some patients have experienced increased bleeding and bruising around the injection site following treatment. Botox has minimal side effects, and stopping these medications and supplements will ensure you experience as few as possible.

3. Ice & Clean Your Skin

Icing your skin the day before treatment may help reduce bruising, so do this for 20 minutes to soothe swelling and inflammation. Also, keep your face clean. Wash with a mild cleanser and water to remove dirt and oils, and pat yourself dry to prevent irritation. Ask your skin care professional about approved products, and avoid using cosmetics the day of the treatment.


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