Most businesses should have a virtual receptionist for fielding calls from clients, customers, and business associates. However, it's even more imperative for certain industries to secure this assistance to ensure they continue to offer quality service. If you run one of the following businesses, here's how you can benefit.

Which Businesses Should Have a Virtual Answering Service?

1. Healthcare Clinics

Healthcare centers, including hospitals, clinics, and doctor's offices, receive a constant influx of phone calls daily. These people might have questions about treatments, require prescription refills, or want to schedule an appointment. 

Even smaller clinics receive a large volume of calls, which requires an experienced and reliable answering service. Not only will a virtual receptionist field calls and forward them appropriately, but you can also know that your patients are receiving the information they need for proper healthcare. 

2. Law Firms

virtual receptionist

Like clinics, law firms also receive many calls during the day. In many cases, calls are from prospective clients in search of legal assistance. These people often contact numerous other firms at the same time, so a swift response is necessary to avoid losing them to a competitor. A virtual receptionist will field calls all day long, and they can then be routed to the proper person for a follow-up.

3. Real Estate Offices

Real estate transactions are often highly time-sensitive. Both buyers and sellers want accurate information returned to them promptly, especially when preparing for the closing process. 

Buyers often need to act fast to ensure they can make an offer on a property in a timely manner. Additionally, most agents are away from the office for long periods each day, which means they may not be available to answer phone calls. A remote receptionist will be available, even after-hours when your agents might already be done for the day. 


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