Everyone loves the idea of a family-owned business, but how is it beneficial to support these businesses?

Why Should You Shop at a Family-Owned Business?

1. Personalized Service

Simply put, businesses that are family owned and operated are more likely to treat their customers like family. The employees are either family or are often treated like and feel like family, so they have a vested interest in ensuring each customer is delighted with their purchase. Whether you’re shopping for honey or other products, you can expect to be met with top-notch, personalized service from business owners and associates who care. 

2. Quality Product 


Family businesses are great, and family farms are even better. Not only do you enjoy excellent, personalized service, but a family farm is able to sell products and goods to customers without having to worry about long-term storage, logistics and transportation of palletized goods. Being the producer means there aren’t long spans of time in which honey or other products sit on trucks, in warehouses, or in other environments where the product could begin to degrade. As a result, there’s no need for preservatives or other additives. Instead, you’re getting a raw, high-quality product with a superior taste as it’s meant to be enjoyed, straight from nature.

Why Support Register Family Farm?

When you buy from us, you get excellent, personalized service, an incredible, quality product, and you are helping support the bee population. Helping us continue raising bees has a tremendously positive impact on the ecosystems and maintaining the variety of foods that we are able to enjoy because of these beautiful honeybees!  


Whether you’re a honey lover or you’re seeking a unique gift for someone special, head to Register Family Farm for a variety of high-quality honey products and gift baskets. Located in Freeport, FL, this veteran-owned operation started with a few honeybee colonies and is now a full-scale farm with 1,500 colonies. Learn more about the Register family and their farm here, or call (850) 392-7404 to speak with a team member.