When you put damp clothes in the dryer, the machine creates more than steam. A vent, connected to a hose, filters exhaust from the engine and releases it outside the house. After multiple loads of laundry, the vent will eventually become clogged with lint. With nowhere to redirect the fumes, dangerous toxins could seep inside the house. That’s why it’s best to schedule regular dryer vent cleaning.

What Types of Toxins & Irritants Are Released in Dryer Vent Exhaust?

Carbon monoxide is one potentially deadly gas found in dryer vent exhaust. Because it’s colorless and odorless, people might not realize they’re being exposed to the fumes. Installing a detector will alert you to carbon monoxide leaks inside your house. If you put dryer sheets or other fabric softeners in the machine, the fumes created could also be dangerous. Many products contain benzyl acetate, an organic compound of ester formed by condensation of benzyl alcohol and acetic acid. The chemicals have been linked with health problems. 

Cincinnati-Ohio-dryer-vent-cleaningBeyond dangerous gases and chemicals, mold spores can also enter interiors when a dryer vent discharges inside. When the ventilation system is clogged, water vapor extracted from clothes remains in the appliance or filters out of the machine. The damp, humid conditions are ideal for mold growth, causing spores to develop quickly in the laundry room. 

How Can the Pollutants Make You Sick?

A person’s size and age contribute to how quickly they will get sick when exposed to dryer vent exhaust. The fumes from benzyl acetate could cause dizziness, drowsiness, and a burning sensation in throat and lungs when inhaled. Dull headaches, blurred vision, vomiting, and trouble breathing are common signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. Because the gas is odorless, someone could suffer brain damage before realizing there’s cause for concern. Exposure to mold could induce asthma attacks and other respiratory problems, as well as itchy eyes, skin irritation, sneezing fits, and additional discomfort. Investing in dryer vent cleaning is the best way to keep your family out of harm’s way. 


To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and other life-threatening illnesses caused by dirty dryer vents, reach out to the technicians at ABC Services, based in Cincinnati, OH, for assistance. Apart from routine dryer vent cleaning, the professionals will also provide repairs to guarantee the laundry machine is safe to use. They will also provide seasonal tips to prevent ventilation problems. Visit the home maintenance specialists online to learn more about how they will care for equipment, or call (513) 801-4454 to schedule vent cleaning in Hamilton County.