Along with regular pumping service, there are steps you can take to keep your home's septic system in good shape. Choosing the right type of toilet paper is a major factor in proper function. While some brands are labeled as septic-safe, this claim shouldn't be taken at face value. Here's a guide to help you avoid septic issues.

Types of Toilet Paper


The faster a material dissolves when exposed to water; the less likely a clog will form. Use biodegradable paper because it breaks down rapidly when it meets liquid. This type of paper is more efficient than a non-biodegradable product because it requires less water to dissolve.


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Paper made from recycled materials dissolves rapidly in water, helping you avoid clogs. These products also lack harsh dyes and chemicals that disrupt the tank's delicate bacteria balance. If these chemicals harm the organisms, the septic system will lose its ability to process solid waste into liquids.

How to Test Toilet Paper

While biodegradable and recycled options are safe for septic tanks, they may not meet your comfort standards. If there's a brand you prefer but aren't sure it's suitable for the plumbing, conduct a test before using it.

Take a few squares of paper and place them in a clear, sealing container or jar. Fill it with water until it's almost full and replace the lid. Shake it vigorously to mimic a flush, then wait for the liquid to settle. If the paper broke down into countless small pieces, it's septic safe.


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