If you recently purchased a home that relies on a septic system, learning how this device interacts with your home's plumbing will ensure it functions efficiently. While a pumping service will remove any solid waste that accumulates in the tank, the drain field allows the water to filter into the soil. However, too much water can overload the system, and doing loads of laundry multiple times a day is one of the most frequent reasons this occurs. Below is more information about this to help you avoid this problem.

How Does Excess Laundry Affect the System?

Even though the septic tank is designed to hold, filter, and drain wastewater from your home, it takes time to complete this process. Washing clothes requires a significant amount of water, and when you do multiple loads in a day, you send excess liquid through the system. This doesn't give the tank and drain field enough time to remove pollutants before filtering the water into the soil. This forces dirty liquid into the yard, which can flood low-lying areas and cause sewage to rise to the surface.

This is detrimental to the environment, as the contaminants can kill plants and harm wildlife on your property. Additionally, the sewage creates a foul odor and can even release pollutants into the air. Over time, regularly sending excess water through the septic system can damage the pipes, requiring a pumping service to repair the tank and drain it more often.

How Can You Manage Water Usage?

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If you normally handle all the laundry in your household on a specific day, adjust this schedule and spread the task throughout the week. This ensures you are managing how much water enters the septic system in a short period. Also, make sure you use a cycle on the washer that is appropriate to the size of the load so that you don't overflow the tank. If you plan to purchase a new washing machine, look for efficient models that use less water.

The type of detergent you use also affects the septic system. The tank contains beneficial bacteria that break down waste and filter contaminants, and using a detergent that is antibacterial can eliminate these organisms. Specifically, any soap that contains bleach will kill the bacteria, which means a pumping service will have to remove solid waste from the tank more often. Instead, use a detergent that has a "septic-safe" label to protect the bacteria and ensure your system functions efficiently.


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