Many people don't realize that flushing anything besides waste and toilet paper can severely damage the septic system. Unnecessary objects also don't dissolve, so they cause the tank to fill up quickly or clog, resulting in needing frequent pumping services. To preserve your system, teach your household to avoid using the toilet to dispose of the following items.

What Items Tend to Cause System Clogs?

1. Uneaten Food

Picky eaters, especially children, often consider dumping out what they don't want to consume in the toilet. However, untouched food can easily clog the septic system's pipes, as it's too large for bacteria to break down quickly. To prevent this situation, teach children not to hide their food and flush it down the toilet. Instead, they should dispose of it in a trash can.

2. Paper Towels

pumping services

There's a reason most restaurants have signs on their bathroom stall doors that advise not to flush paper towels. These items are resilient to water and do not break down, making them a common culprit of a clogged sewer system. Always dispose of your used paper towels in a trash bin to keep them out of your pipework and avoid frequent pumping services.

3. Dead Fish

Flushing a dead fish down the toilet is a common funerary practice when an aquatic pet passes on. However, despite what movies and TV shows may have shown you, this practice is not recommended. Even if the fish is small, its body does not break down easily and can get stuck in the pipes. The critter can also spread germs and bacteria. You're better off burying your pet in the yard than flushing it down the toilet.


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