Whether it was an old sports injury that has caught up with you or something you’ve incurred as the result of an accident, there are several reasons your orthopedic surgeon may recommend shoulder surgery. The procedure can address many problems, including rotator cuff disorders, dislocations, and joint replacements. Ensure your shoulder surgery is a success by following these do's and don’ts for recovery.


Plan for additional help.

While recovering from shoulder surgery isn’t typically as extensive as other procedures, you can support the process by getting help from family and friends. Since you won’t have a full range of motion for a while, develop a schedule with your loved ones to have help completing daily chores and errands.

Wear a sling.

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Depending on the area of your shoulder that needs attention, your orthopedic surgeon will likely recommend you wear a sling for four to six weeks after the procedure. Wearing a sling often expedites the recovery period because it keeps your shoulder immobilized, allowing the injury to heal properly. The sling also keeps you from moving other parts of the arm that may disturb the recovery.


Skip physical therapy.

Physical therapy is a critical part of your recovery process. During these sessions, the medical team will track your healing progress. They'll also help you perform various exercises to reacclimate the shoulder to regular motions and strengthen the surrounding muscles.

Ignore your doctor’s orders.

Even if you start to feel better sooner than expected, resist the urge to resume normal activities before getting a doctor’s consent. While the body can heal quickly, you may re-injure your shoulder during the recovery. Always ask your physician if it's safe to resume a hobby or exercise routine.

If you want professional guidance during your recovery, turn to Independence Healthcare, PC, in Soldotna, AK. After the procedure, these orthopedic surgeons will provide you with care tips and track your progress to ensure your body heals properly. Get more information about their services online, or call (907) 262-6454 to make an appointment.