While a properly maintained asphalt driveway can last for about 20 years, it may require periodic repairs. Understanding the causes of damage can help you take steps to ensure the material lasts longer and reduce your repair expenses. Here are some issues to avoid. 

What Damages Asphalt Driveways?

1. Poor Drainage

asphalt driveway

Asphalt is porous, so it can absorb water. Over time, moisture weakens the asphalt, separating the rocks and sand from the binding material. When installed properly, asphalt driveways should be flat and slightly graded so that water runs off easily and absorbs into nearby soil instead. If the surface isn’t completely even, you may notice puddles. Have an asphalt contractor even out the pavement to solve this issue. 

2. Oil Stains

Oil can also seep into asphalt driveways and break down the binding material. If your vehicle has a leak, the spot where the fluid collects may start to crack or form a pothole over time. 

To prevent permanent damage, look out for leaks and clean them with water and dish soap immediately. If you know your car is leaking, get it fixed as soon as possible and avoid parking it on your driveway in the meantime. 

3. Tree Roots

Tree roots are constantly expanding underground to reach water sources. If they grow under or near your driveway, they may push the asphalt up, making the surface uneven and causing cracks. If possible, asphalt should not be installed right next to large trees, or you may need an underground root guard around the driveway; this is a physical barrier that prevents roots from expanding to certain areas. 


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