A new roof installation is a major construction project, and a few preparations need to be done before the contractors arrive. The right steps will limit the disruption to your home life, help the professionals do their jobs as efficiently as possible, and keep your family safe while on the property. Follow this guide to ensure a successful installation.

How to Get Ready for a Roof Installation

1. Prepare the Yard

If the contractors are removing an old roof before installing the new one, they will throw the old materials away. Clear an area immediately next to the house for them to toss these materials safely. 

Tuck patio furniture, lawn decor, and kids’ toys into a storage shed or a corner of the yard farthest from the house. It's also best to cover or move potted and hanging plants so they don't get damaged by debris.

If you have a sprinkler system, use brightly colored tape to mark off the location, and point them out to the project supervisor before construction begins.  

2. Move Your Car

On the days that the roofing contractors will be at the house, leave them the parking spots in the driveway or immediately in front of the home. They'll need to park their trucks nearby so that they can haul tools and materials back and forth. The less distance they need to carry these items, the more quickly they can work and keep the project on schedule. 

3. Take Down Wall Hangings & Decor

roof installation

Vibrations typically extend beyond the attic to the walls of the floor below. As a result, wall hangings on this floor could be knocked off their hooks or items could fall off shelves and tables. Remove any decor and tuck them away in a closet for safekeeping.

4. Cover or Remove Attic Storage

As the contractors are working, dust and debris may fall in from the cracks in the sheathing as they're stripping the roof. Cover the belongings stored in the attic with tarps or sheets to keep them clean. If there's anything particularly fragile or valuable, such as a piece of antique furniture, move it to a room on the first floor to avoid any damage. 

5. Find a Safe Space for Pets

Even if your pets aren't easily scared, the contractors will be loudly banging on the roof for several hours a day. The constant noise can stress out pets, so it's best to make arrangements for them elsewhere. Have them stay at a friend's house, or check them into a pet hotel and provide them with some much-needed pampering. 

6. Check Outdoor Electrical Outlets

The workers will need access to outlets for their power tools, so check that they're in working condition. If you don't have any or there is a problem with the outlets, the workers can always run an electrical cord from a garage or through a nearby window from inside the house. 

Do You Need to Be Home?

Since the work is being done outside, you do not need to stay home during the process. As long as the company has a number where they can easily reach you, you can go to work as normal. Just be careful going in and out of the house once construction begins. 


As you prepare for a roof installation, the right contractors will get your project done properly and on time. The team at J. King DeShazo Roofing has served the Ashland, VA, community since 1977. They combine their skilled experience with the latest innovations in the field for top-of-the-line residential roofing services. The team will work with you to create a schedule so your morning routine isn't disrupted. Visit them online for more information, or schedule a free estimate at (804) 798-7663.