If you would like to find an easier way to help those with diabetes check their blood glucose levels while eliminating finger sticks, Hometown Medical can assist you. Unlike traditional blood glucose monitoring, continuous glucose monitor systems are small sensor-based systems that provide real-time glucose readings day and night without any finger sticks. 


Hometown Medical offers the Freestyle Libre 3, a continuous glucose monitor, which utilizes a three-step process to check your glucose levels. First, apply the sensor to the back of the arm. Secondly, the sensor collects data in real time. Thirdly, you can scan the sensor using Freestyle Libre 3 using an app on your smartphone for realtime data of your blood glucose levels.
It's just that simple. And with the Freestyle Libre 3, you get your blood glucose results more quickly and without the hassle and pain of finger sticks. Let our professional staff at Hometown Medical guide you in deciding if the Freestyle Libre 3 is right for you. Call us today at 601.634.6363 for more information.