At Hometown Medical, we are proud to offer an array of items and practical gift ideas for your loved one with special medical needs.

For those with limited mobility, a power scooter or lightweight power wheelchair may be just the item to help them go places that are un-accessible now. The Golden Technology Lite Rider power chair offers up to 12 miles of travel range on a fully charged battery. The Buzz Around Carry on scooter conveniently folds for easy storage and travel.

For those having difficulty standing, Seat Lift Chairs are always a hit gift at Christmas time.

Comfort products, such as Bed Wedges, Flip pillows, Leg Wedge Elevators and Knee Crescents are wonderful foam positioning products that are reasonably priced.

Let's not forget the stocking stuffer ideas such as Peddlers for exercise, Hand Exercisers, Walker Accessories such as Cup Holders and Tote Bags. Arthritic Gloves, Elastic Shoe Laces, and Elongated Shoe Horns all make great gifts for that person with joint pain.

Decorative Folding Walking Canes from Nova are also available.

Let our professional staff at Hometown Medical show you that holiday gift product which may help someone you love "Improve their Quality of Life".