If you’re having T-shirts made for your employees, best customers, or both, the shirt design process is a foundational step for creating a flawless finished product. One of the most important considerations for your design is the combination of colors you’ll use for the shirts and ink. Here are some tips to ensure your text and designs stand out without clashing. 


Use complementary colors. 

Look for colors that are pleasing to the eye when paired. Consider choosing an ink hue that’s on the opposite side of the color wheel of your shirt. For instance, you might choose an orange shirt with blue text. Other possible pairings include yellow and purple and red and green. 

Stick to dark font colors. 


Dark text is typically easier to read than light fonts. The eye is accustomed to seeing dark text on light screens and white paper, for instance. Plan your shirt design so that your lighter color is for the fabric while the text and design are darker.


Pick colors with similar shades or tones.

Selecting similar shades for a matched look can be tempting, but this can make your text illegible. For instance, don’t put brown text on a black shirt. Similarly, you’ll want to stay away from two neon or especially bright shades, as they can clash even if they’re opposite on the color wheel. 

Automatically choose black text. 

While black text works well for many shirt designs, you don’t necessarily have to choose this option. As long as your font is clear and large enough, any color with enough contrast against your shirt will be legible. Darker shades of most colors work well for fonts. 

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